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Diaz accidently assumes you to Jake appears afraid given that he and Rosa is matchmaking, Mr

Diaz accidently assumes you to Jake appears afraid given that he and Rosa is matchmaking, Mr

In Games Night, Jake Peralta are cheated from the Rosa reach a like cafe underneath the guise of getting your dining. She actually wants your there to-be a support on her within her coming-out just be sure to the woman moms and dads. After Mrs. Diaz helps to make the expectation that they understands he’s never preferred Jake. Jake takes offense to that particular and you can said they strike it off within earliest and past conference, in which it chatted about soccer and he titled they ‘futbol’. Then the time strikes Jake as to why Rosa’s dad do nothing like your, that Mr. Diaz agrees with a guaranteeing research. Before Jake may get towards the next need in clearing up the misunderstanding, Rosa disrupts your.

She chickens aside developing so you can her parents and you will states she are is relationships Jake and that they are one or two

Afterwards with the dining, Mrs. Diaz asks exactly how Rosa and you will Jake “ultimately get together anyway such many years.” To which Jake accounts for an effective backstory which involves your singing Rosa a track, and you will Mr. Diaz desires that Jake sings the new track. After Jake was frightened to the vocal an abrupt made-right up sounds track on the spot, Amy Santiago happens to call Jake and you will Mr. Diaz notices an image of Jake and you will Amy along with her pop-up towards the Jake’s smartphone monitor. The guy understands Amy due to the fact a beneficial co-staff member of Jake. Rosa leaps directly into state Jake and Amy try family unit members and you can there is nothing weird. Mr. Diaz told you the guy noticed exactly how close Jake and you may Amy checked into the the picture. When Mrs. Diaz asks what are you doing, Rosa following declares you to Jake and you can Amy is involved. There’s a long pause where parents end and tend to be hushed. Mr. Diaz upcoming breaks the fresh quiet 2nd when he only sighs and you will says which is ok.

He tells Rosa that he welcomes the girl for just who she actually is and wants this lady most, a whole lot

Rosa asks as to why her mothers are okay along with her and you can Jake’s “love” becoming difficult. Mr. Diaz answered when she called them to build the newest food, every nervous, which they was in fact alarmed she was going to inform them you to definitely she is gay. One strikes good chord that have Rosa, where she issues one to the woman parents rather have her become a great guy’s mistress compared to a relationship which have a lady. Providing the lady parents’ quiet since the a yes, Rosa set the checklist upright then, saying she and you can Jake aren’t relationships and you may declares in it one to she is bisexual.

Next evening, Jake was enjoy with the Diaz’s family members Games Night in which it all play Pictionary. The parents find yourself on the subject out of speaking of what Rosa informed her or him the prior night. It told you they are not upset and you can rationalizes one to the girl still eg men, will get hitched, and possess a child. Rosa responses you to she can do that with a man or a female, to which her father said it will be which have one and categorizes Rosa’s bisexuality just like the simply a phase. During the defiance, Rosa brings a married relationship that have two brides when it’s their turn become right up inside Pictionary features a call at-breadth conversation together parents inside inquiring them to believe that she might not wed so you can a person and you to definitely her bisexuality isn’t a stage. Mr. Diaz argues that there surely is zero eg situation as being bisexual but Rosa counters you to Yes, there was. She demands that their moms and dads welcomes the girl to own who she is.

Next early morning, at the 99th precinct, Mr. Diaz concerns check out Rosa in the office. The guy apologizes to possess their poor reaction and you can explains this are brand new getting him. He acknowledges that cannot pledge you to definitely he’s going to understand however, that he’s trying to. Both hug it out, and you may immediately following Mr. Diaz reveals one to their girlfriend demands a little more date.

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