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I understand the audience is on the DL and everybody need to be homosexual but in this instance isn’t

I understand the audience is on the DL and everybody need to be homosexual but in this instance isn’t

Sam’s maybe not homosexual, I hope you all of the understand why but I am able to come across as to why Lindsay is really so connected with her. she’s one of the not too many somebody as much as if you fulfill on the method you can’t picture your life with out them, she is very awesome as the men and you may generally while the a pal

yes r750, everything about sam screams straight, it is impossible she might be homosexual, i think the woman is relationships so it sweet boy entitled mark ronson, these are generally may see together with her

r752 I am aware that everything about Sam shouts lesbian it is it very impractical to believe that particular butch lookin woman you will in fact be upright?

I am aware is hard to believe and that i know that your will do they or otherwise not, I’m simply saying the thing i understand and everything i learn is actually not what everyone must hear but it’s the newest information.

Hello, we’ve been hearing to have days one to Ronson is ‘openly gay’. Today some Public relations fangurl idiot attempts to tell us or even. Please. Oh, and any sort of its relationship, the brand new pictures speak on their own. We have Never ever just after nuzzled anyone’s neck until I experienced dishonorable objectives!

Oh wait, whether or not it was speculation in the Wentworth Miller otherwise among the many almost every other several thousand boys you think try gay, then it would-be normal

r760, probably as she actually is. This woman is most likely a great Lindsay Lohan tween fangurl and you will the woman is seeking point out that Sam try straight as because of the the lady logic, who would as well as mean Lindsay is straight and are “simply family members.”

r750 Why should you think Samantha are upright? Samantha could select as bisexual unlike homosexual. Have you thought about you to? The woman is not straight, even if, disappointed.

Together with, We trust r758 towards shoulder nuzzling, never ever, ever complete by using anyone that was only a friend, disappointed.

I am not sure to possess Lindsay, I don’t know their and you may We have never talked so you’re able to her into the people but I will certaly declare that Sam is really much out of being gay, I am unable to extremely appreciate this people suppose understand all about one individual away from his or her appears

r753 will not Consider Sam try straight. 753 was an effective deluded teenager who has got just know he’s zero options having Lohan. Or if perhaps she’s a lady, only noticed that her addiction to Lohan can make her good dyke, therefore Lohan’s “BFF” have to be straight, which may build Lohan straight as well.

God Christ. Once again, We reiterate men and women; view the latest 5th season of your L Phrase, or take a great consider “Nikki Stevens”. She is predicated on LL.

including, understand that Angela Robinson, whom brought (and you may authored) a lot of L phrase attacks with Nikki inside, in addition to led Herbie: Totally Piled – therefore all know exactly who starred in You to definitely motion picture.

kaching 770. the more people that start to see so it, the higher. FYI some body, LL could have been closeted into the La-la landed for a few years now. Indeed, since she is as much as 19. That’s and when she arrive at get banged up. there were lady just before Sam. step three that i is think about off the finest out-of my head. and perhaps other people who was basically never ever produced societal.

An incredibly hottttt radio DJ. worked with stern ahead of. Beautiful I tell . gorgeous. and throughout the five times far more femme than simply LiLo.

Semel is even very really femme. Really don’t imagine Lohan cares to help you much concerning femme or soft butch question. she def does not like the completely butch girls. however, she’s rather discover. along with, (my personal opinion merely) i think the woman is a leading during intercourse in any event, which never count really.

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