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She offered the girl suggestions about relationship and you can spared the lady lifetime out-of vampires, which was once they reach bond

She offered the girl suggestions about relationship and you can spared the lady lifetime out-of vampires, which was once they reach bond

Willow Rosenberg [ ]

On her behalf first day on Sunnydale Large, Buffy are proven to empathize having Willow getting an excellent loner and you can school outcast, specifically just after Cordelia got bullied the girl. She got immediately tried to get along with the lady, but noticed that she would not hang out together and you may Cordelia. [26] Buffy and you may Willow became best friends, even sisterly, and if tripping toward magics off how-to re-ensoul Angel, she had heartily agreed, trying to bring Angel right back having Buffy. Historically it build good really romantic, rigorous thread and also risked its lives for every single most other on of numerous days. Whenever Willow got realized that Angel came back of heck and Buffy is actually looking after your, she was not judgmental otherwise enraged like the others, relatively merely concerned with Buffy’s well-fare. Willow was also there for Buffy whenever Angel left this lady, feeling enraged from the Angel to have damaging her and also thought he is actually right to log off their. [12] Both subscribed to UC Sunnydale, Buffy experienced higher empathy for Willow whenever Oz remaining their, likening it as to the she went through with Angel and you can stood by the woman in time in need, encouraging this lady and you can relaxing their. Willow was also extremely protective from Buffy when she understood Riley sent a desire for the woman, giving your guidance in addition to alerting your if the he mentally damage the girl, “she’d beat him so you’re able to demise which have a spade.” [99]

Friendship [ ]

Although not, Buffy and you may Willow grew distant from each other, while the Buffy are very concerned about the girl this new reference to Riley one to she became apart from the girl household members. Buffy has also been uneasy to hear you to definitely Willow try a good lesbian, but nevertheless recommended the woman and you can told her she is okay with they. [34]  Just after Increase to play to the Scoobies’ insecurities, Willow and you may Buffy (also Xander) broke towards a huge conflict with each other. Willow accused Buffy out-of enjoying him or her given that as well useless to simply help her or him challenge, and is uneasy out of her experience of Tara. Buffy declined the girl allege of being judgmental, and you will insisted that do not require could help this lady facing Adam without having to be slain. Claiming it produced feel so you’re able to Fechado the lady upcoming as to the reasons slayers failed to have members of the family, Buffy went out over look for somebody she you’ll trust. [36] Unsettled by exactly how without difficulty Spike had bankrupt him or her aside, Buffy promised so you’re able to Willow and her most other nearest and dearest to help you “never perhaps not talk once more.” Willow along with apologized for staying her connection with Tara a secret in order to Buffy and everybody else, and also make serenity with each other. [108]  Immediately following losing catatonic, Buffy acknowledge in order to Willow in her brain one to she charged herself getting Dawn’s bring since some section of the girl had need they to occur, struggling to incur every pressure out-of protecting this lady against an invulnerable Glorificus more. Yet not, Buffy came to the girl senses and you will Willow been able to encourage the lady so you can go back to actuality where she was expected. [130]

When Buffy had passed away, Willow is actually distraught even so you’re able to resurrect Buffy since the she had never noticed almost every other choice at the time, and is at earliest pleased this spent some time working eventually however, noticed new-found guilt you to definitely she had torn the woman regarding Eden. Buffy got initially left it as secret to any or all but Increase, since she don’t need certainly to burden them with shame, though an integral part of the lady resented the lady loved ones to possess bringing the woman right back. Whenever reminiscing regarding the delivering Buffy right back many years after, Willow admitted you to definitely she got never, even for another, regretted bringing Buffy right back, but unfortunately believes she wouldn’t state an identical about any of it. [131] When told through Tara one Buffy was asleep with Spike, she was not upset; merely puzzled and concerned over it, as opposed to Xander. [70] After Tara is actually killed and you may Willow became dark, she is actually scornful and you can cruel into the Buffy, actually leading to a complete-aside struggle with their. [132] Immediately after Willow is actually averted out of damaging the world, Buffy eventually forgave a shame-ridden Willow, revitalizing the relationship which have proceeded support and you will trust in her of Buffy. Ultimately, Buffy freely accepted Willow being one of the most powerful somebody she understood and you can she assisted her create slayers all through the world by putting power through the scythe. [2]

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